New Consultant WordPress Sites

MTECH had the honor in 2013 to speak to the Institute of Management Consultants in Denver on the importance of digital marketing (websites, blogs and social media) and how to incorporate them into your marketing. As a result of that talk, we have been privileged to work with a few of those members in doing […]

Which Social Media Tool Should Small Business Owners Use?

When speaking to a number of small business owners across the State of Colorado, I often get asked which social media tool is the most effective. The answer is…that depends. It depends on the type of business and also when you ask the question. What is working today may not be the most effective tool […]

How to Be More Effective When Blogging

Blogging is often a dreaded term for small business owners. Mostly because they get tripped up about what to write about and finding time to do it. Hubspot has recently launched a new Blog Topic Generator to help. Another issue is finding the time. I often suggest that small business owners start out with blogging […]