Tracking is Key to Great Internet Marketing

By mmitchell

When working with small business owners, it is amazing how many of them are not tracking their website traffic, visitors, leads and social media efforts. In order to grow, you need to know what is working, what isn’t working and when you should shift money around for maximum effectiveness.

A simple way to do this is through Google Analytics. If your website does not have this free tool installed, contact your webmaster right away. MTECH provides this as part of every website design project we do. In addition, we also provide a monthly web report service that summarizes the web traffic, visitors, keywords and SEO and provide marketing suggestions and trends.

Other tools allow you to monitor your social media mentions, such as Hootsuite, and Facebook insights also provide you with your Facebook page activity.

In addition, Twitter just recently announced it is launching its own analytics tool:

Furthermore, when tracking your paid advertisement programs, such as banner ads and PPC campaigns, are you also tracking the cost per lead? If your advertising vehicles are not directing traffic to targeted landing pages with compelling offers, you are missing out on some of the story.

MTECH Internet Marketing helps small business owners traverse the digital divide through website development, coaching, teaching classes, social media training and search engine optimization. Contact us at 970-731-6325 for more details.

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