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As a consultant, it is very rewarding to provide websites for other consultants. We are all in the business of finding out needs from our clients, empowering them, and becoming a “part of their team” for a project or long-term relationship. Additionally, many consultants wear multiple hats in their business from accounting to marketing and sales. This can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to also stay up to speed on your industry.

One of the biggest issues with consultants is balancing out the time and money to market themselves. Word of mouth will always be the most effective, but today’s world of social media and Internet also demand that consultants market, even casually, and spend additional time updating their messages and brand online.

People today research you through search engines, connect with you on Linked-In and Facebook, tweet about your company on Twitter, and visit your website to get a sense of who you are and what you can offer…many times before picking up the phone or sending an Email. If your website, blog, and social media profiles are not being updated, then you don’t look current or as professional as you could be. You could potentially lose a sale.

It is not that uncommon anymore than a potential client has “liked my Facebook page” and connected with me on Linked-In before I even meet them. What if I was not online at all? How many meetings would I have lost?

MTECH recently created websites and blogs for a few business consultants. Please click on the images to see the live website:

colorado business consultingdurango business consultant

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