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SMBs Put Their Money Where Success is: Websites

Small-business websites boost customer engagement, and a January 2015 study by Thrive Analytics found that US small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were seeing more success with the channel than any other. When SMBs were asked which marketing methods had been the most effective, company websites—the No. 1 response in 2014—remained the most popular, at 45%. […]

Small Business Marketing in 2015

At the start of a new year, it is always effective to go back through your last year reports and determine which marketing channels have been driving sales to your business. Unfortunately, many small business owners still do not have tracking mechanisms in place in order to efficiently budget for 2015. Many small business owners […]

People Buy With Emotion…Not Logic

As an instructor for Marketing for Smarties, I often teach business owners the importance of discovering their unique benefit position. When writing copy for a website, brochure or advertisement, most business owners focus on explaining the features of their product or service. However, they do not understand that people buy on the emotional benefits that […]

3 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing

If you are a small business owner, you may have noticed the overflow of information that has dramatically increased over the last few years. We now have to check Email, texts, phone, and a multitude of social media sites just to stay connected each day! Many owners have simply been overwhelmed and have not jumped […]

Summer Office Closures 2014

The offices for Your Digital Shepherd – MTECH – will be closed during the following dates this summer: June 7 – 15th June 19 – 22nd June 28 – July 7th We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. During the week of June 7 – 15th, we won’t have access to Email or phone, […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Part of the joy of owning your own business is the ability to focus on your priorities. One of those major priorities is family, so we will be closing the office for the holiday from December 21 – 29th. We will be back on Monday, December 30th (but closed on January 1st). We have had […]

Is Your WordPress Site Secure?

If you are not taking the proper steps, your WordPress website could be vulnerable for security issues. Like many modern software packages, WordPress is updated regularly to address new security issues that may arise. Here are key points to securing your site: Improving software security is always an ongoing concern, and to that end you […]

Presentation: Create a Powerful Website Presence with WordPress and Blogging

Marcy Mitchell, Owner of MTECH, recently gave the following presentation at the Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace conference in Burlington, CO on “Creating a Powerful Website Presence with WordPress and Blogging“: Share on Facebook

A Study of How Digital Media Influences Purchases

48% of all purchases studied were heavily influenced by digital media and advertising according to a recent study by GroupM Next, with Compete. According to the report ““The purchase funnel is dead!” It’s a digital declaration made for the past few years to make known that a brand cannot simply expect a would-be consumer to […]

B2B Marketing for Small Business – Benchmark Report

Optify, a B2B digital marketing software company, recently released their 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark report. The report shows how small business-to-business companies are getting their leads, spending their marketing dollars and getting website traffic. You can download the report here. Here are some key findings: Google is the single most important referring domain to B2B […]



MTECH Business Development and Internet Marketing is about bridging the gap between large companies and small businesses. As marketing shifts at a rapid pace, most small and medium sized business owners are struggling to keep up. My company is committed to educating and empowering owners and key staff members to not only keep pace, but to use these new tools to transform their business success.