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How Small Ecommerce Sites Compete with Large Retailers

Many small business owners are enticed by getting customers from across the country through Ecommerce web sites. Although the Internet reaches around the globe, many owners are not aware of the difficulty in competing with this large market. When the Internet became accessible in the 1990s, small businesses jumped into the scene before large retailers. […]

Small Business Time Management Tips and Tools

As a small business owner, finding time to cover everything can be one of the most challenging issues you face. Many times you feel like a hamster running in circles. With limited staff, business owners are left to do a wide range of tasks from paying bills to social media marketing. So, finding ways to […]

Tips for Successful Web and Call Tracking

The best way to determine whether your marketing dollars are being invested wisely, is through proper tracking. According to Digital Depot Marketing, “Most landing pages convert only 2-10% of total visitors. While phone call conversion rates can approach 80%. Sixty-three percent of people complete their purchase offline following their search activity. 46% of people who […]

New Quickbooks & Computer Set Up Services

MTECH now offers Quickbooks and Computer consulting as part of our services! Bart Mitchell has been an integral part of MTECH, but primarily helping in the background. When not helping MTECH, he has been providing Quickbooks and general business operations consulting through the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for the past 8 years. He now […]

What Marketing Tools are the Most Effective in Getting Business?

To be effective in marketing, it is important to focus on campaigns across multiple channels instead of relying on one particular platform or strategy to bring you business. Each channel helps the other if set up correctly. According to a new survey by RSW/US, the most effective tools for generating new business, according to agencies, […]

Do you need a digital shepherd?

When speaking to a client who owns Applied Strategy in Boulder, he mentioned that I was his “digital shepherd”. I thought that was a great term and one that I asked if I could steal. He agreed and it got me to realize how much time we at MTECH Internet Marketing spend helping people navigate […]

Two Upcoming Marketing Classes in Pagosa Springs

Owner Marcy Mitchell will be leading 2 upcoming marketing classes in Pagosa Springs: 1. Social Media Training: Setting Up a Business FaceBook Page and More… on Thursday, August 30th from 8:30AM to 11:30PM at the Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce.(this location may change to the Ross Aragon Community Center depending on the numbers). Marcy […]

Social and Blogs Generate Web Traffic & Business

Some of the most effective small businesses that are thriving today jumped on the social media and blogging bandwagon. By creating quality content, increasing the pages to their website, producing videos and articles that educate and inform people in their niche market, these companies have grown and have greater marketing activity. Once such company, Growing […]

Maintaining Your Own Website? Have a Photo Editor?

Many of MTECH’s clients are loving the ability to edit their own website, create blog articles and edit their own slideshows. With easy to learn content management systems, such as WordPress, small business owners have more control over their own websites and Internet marketing endeavors. However, when training owners on how to maintain their own […]

Evolution of Websites in 2012

Recently, I spoke at the Pagosa Springs Tourism Conference on the Evolution of Websites in 2012. The talk covered not only the technical changes from static HTML to interactive CMS sites, but it also discussed how the role of websites is changing. What was once an online portfolio is now becoming an interactive, lead generation […]



MTECH Business Development and Internet Marketing is about bridging the gap between large companies and small businesses. As marketing shifts at a rapid pace, most small and medium sized business owners are struggling to keep up. My company is committed to educating and empowering owners and key staff members to not only keep pace, but to use these new tools to transform their business success.