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Presentation: Create a Powerful Website Presence with WordPress and Blogging

Marcy Mitchell, Owner of MTECH, recently gave the following presentation at the Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace conference in Burlington, CO on “Creating a Powerful Website Presence with WordPress and Blogging“: Share on Facebook

Four Website Lessons from the Debacle for Owners

Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard about the disastrous roll out of Being a website developer, I am especially amazed at how poorly this project was launched, tested and handled. I won’t get into the politics about all of this, but business owners can learn a few lessons from watching […]

Southern Colorado Real Estate Websites

As the Colorado real estate market slowly comes back this year, MTECH has been fortunate to work with a number of great real estate clients. Recently, MTECH converted two static real estate websites into custom, responsive WordPress websites. Pagosa Brokers Firm owner Briana Jacobson wanted the ability to edit featured properties, change out slideshow pictures, […]

WordPress Theme Differences

WordPress is becoming the Content Management System of choice for a lot of small business owners, but there are a variety of themes you can chose when setting up your WordPress site. As discussed in my previous blog post on vs., most small business owners should install and work on their own […] vs.

As small business owners wish to be able to edit their own websites, WordPress has become the content management system (CMS) platform of choice for millions of websites. In fact, WordPress is currently the largest self-hosted blogging/website tool with 60 Million sites/users. However, many people do not realize the difference between and Here […]

WordPress Backup Options

As WordPress continues to be the primary CMS tool for small business owner websites, one issue that comes up is how to backup your WordPress site effectively. Any one that has a site sees the occasional “WordPress 3.6 is available! Please update now.” as well as plugin updates on a regular basis.   These […]

Responsive Web Design in Colorado

Tablets, smart phones, ipods, ultra books, touch screens and the ever-changing screen sizes of devices have caused web designers and developers headaches. For a while, the solution was creating mobile websites. However, as Mashable just put it, 2013 is the year of responsive web design.  What is responsive web design? The official definition from Wikipedia is […]

Websites for Management Consultants

With the world of marketing and the Internet changing at a rapid fire pace, MTECH has recently helped several management consultants get their digital marketing projects up to speed. Management consultants offer clients a number of services including sales, marketing, financial, start up, organizational alignment and other services. However, many of them rely on word […]

Colorado Web Project of the Month – CARO

MTECH recently won a Request for Proposal from the Colorado Association of Regional Governments to design a new content management website. Using WordPress as the platform, MTECH designed an easy to navigate website and then trained staff how to manage it, add files, change photos, etc… Check it out at Share on Facebook

December Website Projects Begin with “D”!

Our launched December projects all seemed to begin with the letter “D” believe it or not! We recently produced two new sites: 1. Pagosa Springs real estate firm wanted a fresh look that appealed to their higher-end ranch and residential clients.  Their previous site was in HTML and Flash and they did not have […]



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